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Martingale Collars

The Best Dog Collar For Control & Comfort

Our Martingale Dog Collars Keep Your Dog Safe, Secure, & Comfortable

Martingale dog collars from The Ultimate Leash are the ideal solution for dogs that pull or back out of standard buckle collars. Following the classic Martingale design, these unique dog collars fit loosely around your dogs neck and tighten when needed. The unique limited closure prevents the collar from becoming too tight, making it a safer alternative to choke chain collars. Not only are these made to the highest standards, but these unique dog collars are available in different sizes, types, and a variety of attractive designs options. Keeping your dog safe, under control, and comfortable has never been easier!


  • Keeps your dog from slipping out of their collar
  • Provides more control over your dog
  • Keeps dogs safely on-leash without choking them
  • Sizes available for small, medium, and large dogs
  • Is one of the best training collars available on the market
  • Goes great with The Ultimate Leash
  • Turn this into an engraved collar and add your dog’s name
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One common issue dog owners have is finding a reliable dog collar for training, until now. With our unique Martingale dog collars, you gain more control than a standard collar, and prevent dogs from backing or slipping out. While these look similar to typical pet collars, about ⅓ of the length of the Martingale collar is a small chain loop with an attached D-ring. These no-slip dog collars work by tightening when a dog pulls or tugs while on a leash, but without causing choking. Tension on the dog leash causes the chain loop to tighten, which in turn pulls the larger loop tighter. Unlike chain choke collars – which have long been considered inhumane and dangerous for dogs – these Martingale chain collars safely constrict to the size of a dog’s neck.




The Ultimate Leash Goes Great With The Martingale Collar

Various Types & Styles of Quality Dog Collars

The perfect collar for training a puppy, our Martingale Collars are the ideal solution for dogs that pull too much or easily back out of their collars. Our selection of handcrafted dog collars is available in different types and styles to meet your – as well as your four-legged companion’s – needs. Each of these versatile collars is crafted with high-quality material and hardware, including a heavy-duty nickel-plated steel buckle, to ensure a durable and long-lasting solution.

Fashion Series

Great things will happen when you add vibrant colors and control to your walks and adventures with your dog. Choose from 15 different colored Martingale collars to get the best dog collar for your pup.

Designer Series

The Martingale Collar: Designer Series features a collection of stylish dog collars. Choose from an American Flag, Neon, Stripped, or Aztec dog collar to find the perfect match for your dog’s personality.

Petite Series

Our Martingale Collar: Petite Series features the best collar for small dogs. The lightweight, Martingale design will keep your dog comfortable and secure. Great for whippets, and other slim-headed breeds.

Cotton Series

While most dog collars are made of materials such as nylon and polyester, the Martingale in our Cotton Series are handmade with 100 percent cotton fabric. Your pup will appreciate this comfortable collar.

Leather Series

Made with 100 percent genuine leather, this leather Martingale dog collar will make walks on the sidewalk feel like walks down the runway. This leather Martingale collar is a very comfortable, durable, stylish way to accessorize your dog.

Camo Series

Keep your dog safe while gaining more control on walks and outdoor excursions with The Martingale: Camo Series collars! Choose between desert storm, military, and pink camo dog collars.

Biothane Series

Biothane Martingale collars are crafted with 100 percent waterproof authentic Biothane. This durable dog collar can withstand all of your dog’s adventures, from a roll around in a puddle to a run in the rain.

Gain More Control With Our Martingale Collars

With our selection of Martingale collars, you can find a durable, quality, and stylish collar for your dog. If your dog likes to pull on the leash, these handmade Martingale dog collars can provide you more control when walking or leashing your dog. Available in different materials, numerous bright colors, and coordinating styles, you can find the best dog collar to suit your tastes and your dog’s personality. These American-made dog collars offer a quality and long-lasting solution which will hold up to numerous uses and it is machine-washable — perfect for dogs that live and play hard.