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Petite Series

Find The Best Collars and Leashes For Small Dogs

Find The Best Collars and Leashes For Small Dogs

It’s not easy finding dog leashes and dog collars for small dogs. If you get the wrong type, going for walks around the neighborhood and on other adventures won’t be easy. From Pomeranians, and Terriers to Miniature Pinschers and Chihuahuas, small dog breeds need collars and leashes that are designed specifically for them. Fortunately, has a solution! The Petite Series Collection includes different collars as well as the best leash for small dogs. Check them out today!

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An image of a small martingale dog collar from the Martingale Collar Petite Series

Martingale Collars | Petite Series

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An image of a striped small dog collar from

Standard Collars | Petite Series

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An image of a small dog leash from The Ultimate Leash Petite Series

The Ultimate Leash | Petite Series “11 uses in 1 Leash”

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An image of a small red dog collar from

Standard Collars | Petite Fashion Series

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Reasons To Love Our Petite Series

  • Collection is designed specifically for small dogs breeds
  • Collars and leashes are designed to last
  • Products are made with durable, high-quality materials
  • Different types and styles of small dog collars to choose from
  • Can make walking and training your dog easier and less of a hassle
  • All Petite Series collar and leashes are made in the USA
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There are many reasons why smaller dogs are so great. Of course there is the cuteness factor, but smaller dogs are typically easier to handle and manage, as long as you have the right tools at one. Just like any sized dog breed, smaller dogs need to have the right leash and collar to make training, going for walks, and gouging on different adventures easier. Get too big of a collar and your dog will be able to easily back out of it or chew on it. Get the wrong leash and going on walks will go from an enjoyable to overwhelming experience with your small furry companion. is committed to providing veterinarians, trainers, and everyday dog owners alike with the best leashes and collars for their dog. The Petite Series features great products to help keep your small dog under control.




The Ultimate Leash Goes Great With The Martingale Collar

Browse Different Types of Small Dog Collars and Leashes

Whether you are on the hunt for a small dog collar or leash for your little furball, you'll find what you’re looking for at All leashes and collars are available in different colors and styles. Continue below to learn more about some of the best collars and leashes for small dogs.

The Ultimate Leash - Petite

The design and control of the multifunctional leash that is trusted by dog trainers and Police K-9 units has a leash that is designed specifically for your small dog! The Ultimate Leash - Petie series still has 11 different uses in one versatile collar. It can be adjusted to 2 ft, 3 ft, and 6 ft lengths, but it can also be used as a dog car restraint or an outdoor tether. It really is the best dog leash for small dogs!

Martingale Collar - Petite

Martingale collars from are designed to prevent pulling and promote more control over your dog without causing any choking. If you have a smaller companion that likes to pull on-leash, this is one of the best dog collars for small dogs you will be able to find!

Standard Collars - Petite

If you want just a simple, yet stylish small dog collar, you’ll have a hard time choosing between the different colors available in these petite standard dog collars. These small dog collars are handcrafted with high quality material and are built to last!

Fashion Collars - Petite

Small dogs look the cutest when they have a stylish collar on! The small dog collars in the Petite Fashion Series come in various colors and styles to fit you and your dog's personality the best. Theses small dog collars are still handcrafted with the same high-quality material as some of our other leashes and collars, so you can ensure it will be durable and long lasting.

Order A Small Dog Collar and Leash For Your Dog

Purchasing The Ultimate Leash for small dogs as well as a martingale dog collar will help give you more control over your little friend. Because they are made with all smaller dog breeds in mind, these leashes and collars will make walking, training, and leashing easier for you. If you are interested in learning more about how these collars and leashes work, be sure to check out’s YouTube page.

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