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The Ultimate Leash | Designer Series “11 uses in 1 Leash”


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Handmade in USA
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The Ultimate Leash Designer Series allows you to gain more control over your dog in style! With different patterns and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect leash for your dog. All of the styles of leashes are handmade in the USA with quality materials for durability you can trust. 

  • 11 uses in one , multifunctional dog leash
  • Different colors and styles available, including Aztec, Flag, and Neon
  • Can be used as multiple dog walking leash, slip collar, and more
  • Goes great with the Martingale Collar Designer Series

Sleek, stylish, and reliable. The Ultimate Leash Designer Series is perfect for everyday dog owners that want to gain more control over their four-legged companion while on walks, adventures, or other on-leash activities. This collection features the best dog leashes in trendy patterns and styles. Whether you want an American Flag dog leash or an Aztec dog leash, there is an option for every personality. With 11 different uses, this multifunctional dog leash can do it all. It can be easily adjusted into four different lengths or it can be used as a slip collar or car restraint — the different functionalities will make it easier to keep your dog secure and under control. Each designer dog leash in the Designer Series is handmade with heavy-duty nylon materials and nickel plated hardware to offer the utmost durability. 

  • Available in Aztec, Flag, Neon, Stripe, and Wave patterns
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Handmade in the USA

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Aztec, Flag, Neon, Stripe, Wave


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