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Biothane Series

Everyone knows someone with that dog. You know the ones; they roll around in mud in any given chance, love going for a swim in the lake, and are either wet or dirty most of the time. If you have this type of dog, chances are you’ve gone through numerous collars, leashes, or leads that have become too dirty or worn out. Fortunately, there is a solution: The Biothane Series from! Biothane is highly durable, pliable, and long-lasting. While it looks very similar to leather, material is resistant to water and is very easy to clean. It’s lightweight material doesn’t weigh heavy on dogs, maintains its flexibility even in cold temperatures, and outperforms other materials such as nylon or leather.

Various Types of Biothane Dog Collars, Leashes, & Leads

Biothane leashes and collars look very similar to leather, but also offer flexibility and durability! At, you’ll enjoy browsing through our Biothane collars, leashes, and leads for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

The Ultimate Leash – Biothane

The Ultimate Leash is trusted by veterinarians, Police K-9 units, and its design is known as one of the best leashes for dog training. The Ultimate Leash – Biothane Series will make walking, adventuring, and training with your dog easier. This flexible and durable dog leash has 11 uses in 1. It can be adjusted between 1 ft, 2 ft, 3 ft, and 6 ft lengths, but it can also be made into a hands-free leash as well as an outdoor tether as well. 

Martingale Collar – Biothane

A Biothane Martingale collar is a great way to help keep your dog under control, especially if they love pulling on-leash. The flexible material is comfortable for your dog and the collar is designed to help stop choking from pulling too much. Because the collar is durable, it won’t get dirty or wet and it is resistant to gnawing. This biothane dog collar can also be engraved with your four-legged friend’s name. 

Standard Collars – Biothane

If you are going to get a standard dog collar, make sure it’s this one! Because of the Biothane material, this durable dog collar will be able to withstand any environment and terrain. These collars are available in black and brown collars and look just like leather dog collars but last much longer!

Biothane Dog Leads

Dog leads are effective in helping teach dogs how to go on walks and behave appropriately. At, you’ll find strong, durable dog leads that outperform leads made with nylon or leather material. Biothane dog leads are available in three different sizes including 18”, 12”, and 8”. They are the perfect solution for dog owners that want close control of their dog. The round-eye swivel snap hardware makes attaching the lead to collars a breeze.

Get A Biothane Collar and Leash For Your Dog

If you have been looking for the best durable dog leash, collar, or lead, turn to Since Biothane is waterproof and resistant to dirt, snags, and other wear and tear, your dog will get good use out of collars, leashes, and leads that are made with this high-strength material. With a wide selection of different products and different color choices, you can find the perfect collar or leash for your dog! 

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