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The Ultimate Leash

Get the leash and collar that is recommended and used by Veterinarians, Police K-9 Units, Dog Trainers, Hunters
and Every Day Dog Owners Like You!

Try The 11-in-1 Multi Function Dog Leash That You & Your Dog Will Love

Multi-function dog leashes have been popular with veterinarians, dog obedience trainers, and Police K-9 Units for years. The Ultimate Leash is designed to give everyday dog owners like you more control and versatility that goes beyond what a standard one-function leash can offer. 

The Ultimate Leash can be used in different lengths, for walking multiple dogs at once, as a pole tether, and so much more. This revolutionary dog lead leash is available in different collection series to match your – as well as your dog's – personality!


  • 11 uses in one, versatile dog leash
  • Can be used in four different lengths
  • Crafted with highly durable materials – it's the last leash you’ll ever need
  • Ideal for walking, jogging, or running with your dog hands free
  • Perfect option for dog owners in need of small or large dog leash
  • Gives you more control, making it the perfect leash for dog training
  • Available in a variety of different styles, types, and sizes
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If you spend a lot of time with your four-legged companion, a multipurpose dog leash will simplify the way you leash, walk, train, and adventure with your dog! Particularly for dog trainers and everyday dog owners who work with their dogs in various settings, having multiple leash styles and purposes has become important.

With the ability to be used as a multi-dog walking leash, a dog car restraint, and nine other uses, The Ultimate Leash is one of the most versatile, multifunctional dog leashes out there. It can easily be split into two leads for walking multiple dogs at once. Additionally, the leash can be used with multiple collar styles, including our best-selling martingale dog collars. This unique dog lead leash is also customizable to multiple lengths, including one feet, two feet, three feet, and six feet lengths. The Ultimate Leash can also be made into a hands-free dog leash and used as an outdoor tether as well. Say goodbye to your pile of old dog leashes, The Ultimate Leash is the last dog leash you will ever need!




The Ultimate Leash Goes Great With The Martingale Collar

Various Types & Styles of Premium Dog Leashes

The Ultimate Leash is available in different types and styles to meet your needs as well as your dog’s. Each of these versatile leashes are crafted with high quality materials and hardware to ensure a durable, long-lasting solution. Each series is designed to simplify dog leashing, walking, and training while reflecting the needs and personality of you and your dog.

Fashion Series

Getting a versatile dog leash in your favorite color is possible with The Ultimate Leash: Fashion Series. With over 15 different color options to choose from, there is a leash for every type of dog and owner.

Designer Series

The Ultimate Leash: Designer Series features a collection of stylish dog leashes in different colors and patterns to make your pooch look flashy while leashing, training, or walking around the block.

Petite Series

If you have a smaller dog, no worries! The Ultimate Leash: Petite Series is designed to keep smaller dogs safe and secure. These are some of the best leashes for small dogs you will be able to find!

Cotton Series

While most leashes are made of materials such as polyester or nylon, the versatile leashes in our Cotton Series are made with, you guessed it, cotton. This leash is soft and comfortable, yet very durable!

Leather Series

Enhance your daily walks with your four legged companion with our quality leather dog leash. Made with premium leather, this dog leash offers a comfortable, durable, stylish way to walk your dog!

Camo Series

Keep your dog safe while gaining more control on walks and outdoor excursions with The Ultimate Leash: Camo Series dog leash! With different camouflage design options, you can find the perfect fit.

Biothane Series

Impervious to water and ice and resistant to tangles, The Ultimate Leash: Biothane Series dog leash. Our revolutionary biothane dog leash requires no maintenance and can withstand any environment or terrain.

Get Quality Functionality With The Ultimate Leash 

With The Ultimate Leash, in addition to a useful tool, you also get durability, quality, and style. With 11 different uses, this is one of best versatile pet leashes you will find. Available in different materials, numerous bright colors, and coordinating styles, you can find the best dog leash to suit your tastes and your dog's personality. This American-made dog leash offers a quality and long-lasting solution which will hold up to numerous uses and it is machine-washable — perfect for dogs that live and play hard. If you want to get rid of that clutter of leashes, get all the solutions you need in one, versatile leash.

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