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Leather Series

Quality Leather Dog Collars and Leashes

Browse Our Selection of Leather Dog Collars And Leashes

If you are a lover of dogs and leather, you’ll love our sleek and strong leather leashes and collars. Handmade using 1” Amish harness leather, our collection of leather dog leashes, collars, and leads offer durability, comfort, stylish appearance, and better grip and control. Finished with heavy-duty, nickel-plated hardware, these leather dog accessories ensure that your dog stays safe and secure everywhere you go.

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An image of a leather martingale collar from the martingale Collar Leather Series

Martingale Collars | Leather Series

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Standard Collars | Leather Series

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An image of a leather dog leash from The Ultimate Leash Leather Series

The Ultimate Leash | Leather Series “11 uses in 1 Leash”

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Specialty | Leather Grab Leads

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Reasons To Love Our Leather Series

  • Features handmade amish leather dog collars, leashes, and leads
  • You’ll find leather leashes and collars for small dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs
  • Products in our Leather Series are designed for durability and ruggedness
  • The leather dog accessories are finished with heavy-duty hardware
  • Offers comfort for both you and your dog
  • Great for strolls around the neighborhood
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Your dog is a beloved member of the family, and as a beloved member, you want to make sure they get the absolute best products and accessories. When it comes to dog leashes, collars, and leads, the most common materials dog owners gravitate towards are nylon and leather. While both offer distinct benefits — especially the ones you’ll find on — leather dog leashes and collars are known for their ability to last for a long, long time, all while looking stylish.




The Martingale Collar Goes Great With a Leather Training Lead

Various Types & Styles of Quality Dog Collars

With a genuine leather dog collar your dog will always be in style! And because these are some of the highest quality leather dog leashes and collars you’ll ever find, you can trust that they will be able to withstand even the most rugged adventures. At, you’ll find a quality selection of handcrafted leather collars, leashes, and leads for dogs of all sizes and builds. All products are made with high-quality Amish leather and heavy-duty to ensure a long-lasting solution and are available in both black and brown leather color choices.

The Ultimate Leash - Leather

The multi-functional leash design that is trusted by veterinarians, dog obedience trainers, and Police K-9 Units for years is now available in a stylish leather material. This leather versatile dog leash makes walking, training, and adventuring with your dog easier than your standard leash is able to. This leather dog leash has 11 uses in 1. Not only can it be changed between 1 ft, 2 ft, 3 ft, and 6 ft lengths, but it can also be made into a hands-free dog leash and used as an outdoor tether as well.

Martingale Collar - Leather

Martingale dog collars are a great way to help control dogs that often pull or back out of standard nylon dog dollars. Our leather Martingale dog collars are available for all types of dog breeds and sizes. Unlike chain collars, these high-quality leather dog collars keep your dog safely on-leash without choking them, and are said to provide power-steering-like control over your dog. What’s more, this leather dog collar can be engraved with your loyal companions name.

Standard Collars - Leather

These standard leather dog collars still offer the durability and practicality you’d expect to find on, plus they are still made with the same strong harness leather that is purchased directly from an Amish Saddle shop in Lancaster, PA. A Durable D-ring makes leashing simple, and the different available sizes makes it easy to find a standard leather dog collar for your beloved four-legged family member.

Leather Dog Leads

Dog leads are effective in helping teach dogs how to go on walks and behave appropriately. At, you’ll find quality dog leather leads in three different sizes including 18”, 12”, and 8”. They are the perfect solution for dog owners that want close control of their dog. The round-eye swivel snap makes attaching the lead to your dogs collar simple so you won’t have to worry about struggling.

Get A Leather Collar and Leash For Your Dog

If you have been looking for the perfect leather dog leash, collar, or lead, turn to From German Shepherds to Dachshunds, we have something for all types of dogs! Have a question about our leather dog accessories? Contact us today!

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