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Martingale Collars | Petite Series


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The martingale dog collar was originally designed for Whippets and other small dog breeds that can easily back out of their collar. We took the original martingale collar design and created handmade small martingale collars that are made specifically for smaller dog breeds. 

  • A great way to keep smaller dog breeds under control and secure when on-leash
  • Different colors and styles available, including black, navy, and pink
  • Helps keep your dog from pulling — it’s a great dog training collar
  • Can be used with different small dog leashes, like The Ultimate Leash Petite Series

If you have had a hard time keeping your dog from pulling when on-leash, this small martingale dog collar can help you gain more control over your dog. Following the traditional martingale collar design, these small dog collars have a chain that safely tightens around your dog’s neck, making them less likely to pull or try to back out of their collar. Because these are dog collars that do not chock, they are a much safer alternative to choker chain collars. Plus, with a bunch of different styles available, you can easily find the best collar for your small dog. 

  • Choose from Aztec, black, navy, neon, pink, stripe, purple, red, and royal colors
  • Available in extra-small, small, medium, large sizes
  • Handmade in the USA from 5/8″ nylon material

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10-12 1/2" Small, 12-14" Medium, 13-18" Large


Aztec, Black, Navy, Neon, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal, Stripe


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