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The Ultimate Leash | Fashion Series “11 uses in 1 Leash”



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Finding the best dog leash for your dog can be challenging. The Ultimate Leash Fashion Series is where to find a multifunctional dog leash that is designed to give everyday dog owners like you more control and versatility that goes beyond what a standard one-function leash can offer. 

  • 11 uses in one versatile dog leash
  • Perfect for walking any dog — leash can be converted to 1ft, 2ft, 3ft, or 6ft lengths in seconds
  • Can be used as a short and long tether to attach to trees, posts, and fences
  • Helps give you more control — one of the best dog training leashes you can find

The Ultimate Leash Fashion Series features some of the best dog leashes in a wide array of colors! With one of these stylish dog leashes, you’ll have more control over your dog when walking, adventuring, or doing other on-leash activities. With 11 different uses, this is the most versatile dog leash you’ll be able to find. Easily change the length of the leash to 1ft, 2ft, 3ft, or 6ft lengths, use the leash to secure your dog to a post or fence, as a car restraint, or as a quick slip collar. The Ultimate Leash can also be used as a multiple dog walking leash, for hands-free walking, and more! Each stylish dog leash in the Fashion Series is handmade with heavy-duty nylon materials and nickel plated hardware to offer the utmost durability. 

  • Available in red, beige, blue, black, brown, olive, burnt orange, neon orange, lime, mellow yellow, neon yellow, hot pink, silver, purple, hunter green, royal, navy
  • Easy to keep clean and maintain
  • Handmade in the USA

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Beige, Black, Brown, Burnt Orange, Hot Pink, Hunter Green, Lime, Mellow Yellow, Navy, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Olive, Purple, Red, Royal, SIlver


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