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The Last Leash & Collar You'll Ever Need

Get the leash and collar that is recommended and used by Veterinarians, Police K-9 Units, Dog Trainers, Hunters
and Every Day Dog Owners Like You!


Our story starts back in 1984. In 1984 I was selected to be one of the first K-9 handlers for a large northeast city police department. I found out early on that the more training I received, the less I really knew about dogs.  Throughout my 14 year career, I had two K-9's that were a part of my Patrol Dog/Narcotic Dog K-9 team, Jasper and Buddy.  Together, we made over 400 arrests for all kinds of criminal and narcotic activities. Our K-9’s meant business and if the person we were dealing with wanted to resist arrest, the dogs simply made the apprehension.

One of the interesting things about Police K-9 units at that time was that we had to make our own leashes which were quite versatile. I was the one who made them and as my career developed over the years, I started a private dog training company.  Seeing the advantage in using our K-9 leads, I started making them for my training customers.  As time went on, I was making the leashes for other people that I was not training.

1992 we started Best Friend Marketing Inc. We began producing what we call “The Ultimate Leash”.  I developed 11 different functions in this 1 leash.  My wife Debbie and I hand make all or our products in New Jersey. In 1999, I noticed that many people were having a hard time using a training collar so I developed our version of the Martingale Collar which one reviewer said “It’s like having Power Steering on your Dog”. Our success with the Martingale collar has been amazing.

We are a small family business and our interest in developing relationships with our customers. If a customer has a problem with our product we take care of it.  We value or relationship with God, family, country and business in that order. Anyone we have a relationship with, including customers, is considered family to us.

May God bless America,

Bill & Debbie