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Standard Collars | Petite Series


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The Standard Collar is a long time staple among most dog owners. The standard collar offers the dog owner an affordable choice to match their leash. Each collar is handcrafted in the USA. The Standard Collar “Petite Series” is made from 5/8″ nylon material. The Petite Series is available in heavy duty nickel plated steel side release buckle and heavy duty nickel plated steel hardware.


All products produced by Best Friend Marketing LLC are specifically made for pet use only.

Care Instructions

Our products are handcrafted in America and are easy to maintain. For cleaning, place the product in a sock and wash in your washing machine or dish washer, cold water (no bleach).
Air dry (do not use a clothes dryer). For products with metal hardware, place a drop of oil in the finger snap of the leash and clip of the collar. If the nylon material should fray, hold a match to the frayed area and singe. This will reseal the fray from getting worse. A fray in the cotton material can be sealed with water based glue. The metal hardware is nickel plated steel except where brass is specified.


All products produced by Best Friend Marketing LLC are warranted against material defect.
Simply return the product to where you purchased it for a new piece. Our products are intended for use by responsible pet owners. Responsible pet owners do not allow their pets to chew leashes or collars. Chewed leashes & collars are not covered by our warrantee.

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10-18", 8-13"


Aztec, Black, Navy, Neon, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal, Stripe


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