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Specialty | Woof! “We’ve Got Something to Tell You” Book


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Well here it is. Finally, after years of collaboration with many dogs, this book has finally been written. Having been involved with dogs on a professional basis since 1984, I figured it might be a good idea to put a few things on paper and give you a different perspective to understanding your dog.

You are going to learn about your dog and how to train it by hearing it right out of a dog’s mouth. You see, what better way to understand the mind of your dog, than from hearing it from a dog and hopefully you will look at things from their point of view.

Please don’t mind the occasional grammar issues. No one ever sent dogs to school to learn about that kind of stuff. Dog’s are an instinctual bunch of characters not intellectuals. That’s right — dog’s have inherent characteristics. They have basic instincts. We as owners are the ones who have to understand what we are dealing with, and want to train them. You will find more about that later on. Training a dog can be an easy process if you understand the basics and how to understand your dog.

The problem is, unless you know what your dog is thinking, you will have a difficult time conveying information to them. Read on and look at things from your dog’s perspective. Make this a fun experience and most of all make your dogs training experience, a fun time for it and you.

Oh, one other thing. Anyone who knows the author of this book knows me to be a straight shooter who doesn’t mince words when he wants to explain something. I do not take the “Politically Correct” approach and I don’t worry about hurting feelings if I have to get a point across, especially when it comes to dogs that are in bad situations. You see, one of the reasons for this book is to protect dogs whenever possible.

As a dog trainer and someone who is around thousands of dog owners, I find that many people simply don’t want to understand their dog. They can’t or don’t want to see what the dog is telling them in its behavior. I’m going to make a case for hearing it right out of the dog’s mouth. Hopefully this approach will make more sense to you. If you have to hear the hard reality of what you might be doing wrong, then so be it. If you are one of the 95% of good dog owners then you will look at this writing as a breath of fresh air. You will learn some things you never knew. If you are in the 5% of bad dog owners, I don’t really care if your feelings get hurt. I hope you wake up and smell the roses. The rest of you are a great bunch of people and I honor the fact that we can spend some time with you. This book will be speaking to the choir for some of you. I hope that you will be able to take something positive away from your reading. If you do feel outmatched with your dog, then admit it and do something about it. Take heart in what you read and apply it. In reality, training a dog is not that difficult, if you understand the whole process.

There will be times when you will read something and say to yourself, “Self, I remember reading that before. Is the guy that wrote this an idiot for saying it again?” Well the answer is no. You see I’m the guy that’s heard it all and seen it all. The important thing is that the important stuff sinks in to the brains of those that need it most. OK, the smart dog owners will get this, the less fortunate whose dogs would consider their owners weird, will not. Remember, the dog is not the problem — you are. You will also see words in Italics. Again, for those out there whose dogs think they are weird; Italics are words that are on a slight slant. Pay attention to this because it is important information to remember.

This book has a couple purposes: 1). We want to turn a poor dog owner into a good dog owner who is the Master of their beloved pet, and 2). We want to turn the good dog owner who wants better control of their dog to become the Ultimate Master of their pet. A dog needs a leader. When your dog has a leader, both of you will be happier.


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