The Dog Brace is used for people who want to walk more than one dog using only one leash. This brace has a built in adjustable handle with an anti tangle swivel.
Fully extended the dogs will be 46" apart.
A leash can be attached to the "O" ring on the handle to allow the dogs more freedom.


Available in Nylon material, in Red, Black and Navy. Choose from 2,3,4 or 5 Dog Brace options.


All products produced by Best Friend Marketing LLC are specifically made for pet use only.

Specialty | Adjustable Dog Brace

  • Our products are handcrafted in America and are easy to maintain. For cleaning, place the product in a sock and wash in your washing machine or dish washer, cold water (no bleach).
    Air dry (do not use a clothes dryer). For products with metal hardware, place a drop of oil in the finger snap of the leash and clip of the collar. If the nylon material should fray, hold a match to the frayed area and singe. This will reseal the fray from getting worse. A fray in the cotton material can be sealed with water based glue. The metal hardware is nickel plated steel except where brass is specified.

  • All products produced by Best Friend Marketing LLC are warranted against material defect.
    Simply return the product to where you purchased it for a new piece. Our products are intended for use by responsible pet owners. Responsible pet owners do not allow their pets to chew leashes or collars. Chewed leashes & collars are not covered by our warrantee.