May 29, 2017

We at  The Ultimate Leash would like to remember those Military Personnel who made the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE so the we can live in a free Country.

Also, we would like to remember those in Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS personnel that made the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE to keep us s...

May 27, 2017

Bad Breath is dogs can be a problem but for the constant bad breath, there are treatments.

Halitosis in Dogs

Halitosis is the medical term used to describe an offensive odor that comes from the mouth, producing bad breath. A number of causes may be responsible...

May 22, 2017

This is a short one and we should always be aware of our dogs wellbeing.

Great info from

Stress Signals to Watch in Dogs

Keep in mind that canine stress signals aren’t always obvious. For example, your dog might begin panting even if it’s not hot or he hasn’t be...

May 19, 2017

5 Tips for Determining Your Dog’s Age

By Paula Fitzsimmons

Shelter dogs don’t often come with a lot of history, which makes estimating their age a challenge. But having this information is essential to providing optimal care.

“It can help determine the most appropriate ti...

May 17, 2017

Of course it is normal for dogs to scratch, but a sudden and intense bout can be a sign of an allergic reaction. As such, it is important you determine why the dog is scratching, especially if the behavior is repetitive, prolonged, or intense in nature.

What To Watch Fo...

May 12, 2017

Choosing Best Dog Food & Ingredients
By Vanessa Voltolina

With numerous terms making their way onto your pooch’s pet food label – “natural,” “beef flavoring,” and “gluten-free” among the many – how do you know which ones to say yes to, which to avoid, and whic...

May 9, 2017

Dogs love to much away on grass, and some even make it part of their daily routine. Fortunately, most experts believe it isn’t something you should worry about. So why exactly do they gobble up that green stuff in your yard?

This is a great article from I wou...

May 5, 2017

Swollen paws are a common problem for dogs. Although the condition is not usually dangerous, depending on the cause of the problem, it can be very uncomfortable and even highly painful as paws are very sensitive.

What To Watch For

Any sign of limping, favoring a leg, or...

May 2, 2017

Dog fur is great protection against the cold but can be a problem in hot weather. This is because, unlike humans, dogs eliminate heat by panting. (Dogs have some sweat glands in the footpads which help with heat dissipation, but only minimally.) When panting isn’t enou...

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July 25, 2018

July 10, 2018

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